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Office Policies

It is important that you understand my office policies from the beginning of our therapeutic relationship. You may also find these policies in the New Patient Registration Forms, which you either have signed or will sign at or before your first appointment. These policies were last updated on May 1, 2020.


Insurance Authorizations and Claims

If you have insurance that covers my services, my staff will bill the insurance company for those services at no charge to you. If I do not have a contract with your insurance company, if your insurance policy has out-of-network benefits and if you plan to use those benefits to bill for my services, we will provide you with the dates of service, CPT codes, and procedure codes you will need to file claims. However, it remains your responsibility to file the appropriate claim forms with your insurance company, which usually can be downloaded from your insurance company's website.


If your insurance company requires treatment to be pre-authorized, it is your responsibility to obtain the authorization. My staff and I are happy to assist you if we can. However, if we are not told that pre-authorization is required, if you do not pre-authorize my services in advance of your first visit, and if your insurance company denies any claims for services I render as a result, you will be liable to pay for those services. Usually, my staff verifies your insurance in advance of the visit, and so this rarely happens. However, if your appointment is scheduled on short notice and if as a result my staff has not had time to verify the benefits, this can happen. Remember, you will be responsible to pay for any services your insurance company fails to pay unless that is due to an error on the part of me or my staff. Thus, it is always a good idea for you to understand your policy requirements before scheduling your first visit.


Fees and Payments

I have two sets of fees. Patients who have no insurance, or whose insurance does not cover my services, pay my "cash" or "self-pay" fees. If I accept your insurance, your insurance company and I have entered into a contract that governs my fees. These fees are substantially lower than my cash fees. If you have insurance that I accept, you will never be charged any more than the allowed fees unless it is for a service that is not covered by your insurance plan. For example, I charge a reasonable fee to write letters, complete special forms, and forward copies of your medical records to other doctors or therapists - services most insurance companies usually do not cover. I also charge a 5% convenience fee if you choose to pay my bill via your credit card (there is no fee for paying by cash or check).

I make every effort to keep the cost of your care as low as possible. You can help make it affordable for me to accept your insurance by understanding the terms of your insurance policy contract. For example, if your policy requires you to pay a copayment at the time of the visit (most do), please come prepared to do so. If you do not, and if I have to bill you later for the copayment, I must pay my biller a fee to do the billing. If the cost of collections (as well as other business expenses) is too high, it may become too expensive for me to continue accepting your insurance. Also, if your insurance plan changes and if you fail to notify me in advance, you may discover that I do not accept your new insurance and that you are liable to pay my full cash fee. Thus, it is in both our best interests for you to inform me about any insurance changes before your first visit following the date your new insurance plan takes effect. 


No-Shows and Late Cancellations

Adequate notice of at least one business day must be given when cancelling appointments in order to avoid a late cancellation fee. The fee for patients covered by insurance who either fail to show for their appointment or who fail to give adequate notice they want the appointment cancelled is $50. Patients who are not covered by insurance pay the full cash (self-pay) fee for No-Shows and Late Cancellations. That means my office must receive a voicemail by 5:00 PM the day before your appointment (or by 5:00 PM on Friday if your appointment is scheduled the following Monday). New patients who cancel or fail to show for their appointment without adequate notice, will not be rescheduled unless they pay my full cash fee for the missed visit regardless of whether they have insurance that covers my services. This is because a new patient visit blocks off a full hour of my time, time that could have been used to see other patients. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please leave us a voicemail at (480) 477-7793.  


Prescriptions and Renewals

All requests for prescription renewals and prior authorization renewals required by your insurance company should be made during usual office hours and well in advance of you running out of your medication(s). Requests for medication refills after hours or on weekends will be answered the following business day unless there are serious risks asociated with abrupt discontinuation of the medication(s). A reasonable fee will be charged to refill medications in-between appointments unless the medication was running out because of my error. Should another doctor be taking call for me, please be aware that the other doctor will not refill any controlled substances


Emergency After-Hours Telephone Calls

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency where time is of the essence, you should call 911 rather than trying to call me. Should you need to reach me on evenings or weekends for urgent, but non-life-threatening needs, such as to report significant medication side effects, you may call me at (480) 477-7793 and my answering service will call me (or the doctor taking call for me). Please do not try to reach me after usual office hours for billing or scheduling needs, as the answering service has no access to either my billing records or appointment scheduler. Instead, please call back during usual office hours.



Essentially no information will be released by me or my staff to any other party without the written permission of the patient or his/her legal guardian. Rare exceptions exist, such as if I am court-ordered to release records or otherwise required by law to do so. However, even in those cases, I will make every effort to inform you before doing so if I can. I may also choose to present a brief summary of your clinical needs to a doctor who is taking call for me when I am on vacation so he/she can better serve you while I am away. You may obtain a Medical Records Release Form on the "Patient Forms and Links" page of this website to authorize me to send records to other clinicians, your attorney, or another interested party of your choosing.